4. Transform Tools

4.1. Move Tool

The Move Tool is used to move layers or selections.

Activate Tool

  • The Move Tool can be called in the following order, from the image-menu: Tools/ Transform Tools /Move .

  • The Tool can also be called by clicking the tool icon:

  • The Move tool is automatically activated when you create a selection or a guide.

Key modifiers (Defaults)


The m key will change the active tool to Move.


Holding Alt selections can be moved without altering your image. Only the frame is moved, not its content. If Alt doesn't work try Shift+Alt.

Using Arrow Keys

Instead of mouse you can use arrow keys to move the object by one pixel. By pressing Shift you move by 25 pixels.



The available tool options for Move can be found by double clicking the Move Tool icon.

Three buttons allow to choose which entity Move tool will act on: Layer, Selection or Path. Options to Tool toggle are somewhat different:

  1. Layer: When this option is selected, you can choose, either by clicking on a radio-button or by pressing Shift key, between

    • Pick a Layer or Guide to move: If your image has several layers, they must be visible and have at least a few non-transparent pixels so that you can find them (only the active layer has a dotted border). The mouse pointer turns to a small hand you can use to click on the layer you want pick. You must click first on a non-transparent pixel to active the layer and move it.

      The Move tool is used also to move guides. See glossary for Guides.

      To place guides precisely think of Measure tool.

    • Move the Active Layer, i.e the layer with a dotted border in the image and highlighted in the Layer Dialog.

  2. Selection: one possibility only in this case: Move the selection.

  3. Path: possibilities are the same as for layers: Pick the path to move and Move the active path.