6.5. Magnify Tool

The Magnify Tool is used to change the zoom level of your working image.

Activate Tool

  • The Magnify Tool can be called in the following order, from the image-menu: Tools/ Magnify.

  • The Tool can also be called by clicking the tool icon:

Key modifiers (Defaults)


Holding Ctrl when clicking on a point of your image will change the zoom direction from zooming in to zooming out.



The available tool options for Magnify can be accessed by double clicking the Magnify tool icon.

Allow Window Resizing

This option will allow the window containing your image to be resized if the zoom level dictates it.

Tool Toggle

The two available tool toggles are used for changing the zoom direction between zooming in and zooming out.


This option sets the size that a dragged zoom rectangle must be before zooming to that rectangle actually occurs. A higher Threshold will require a larger rectangle before zooming to that rectangle happens. If the size of the rectangle is too small the image is zoomed in by one level.