4.3. Buttons

The buttons at the bottom of the Paths dialog all correspond to entries in the Paths menu (accessed by right-clicking on a path list entry), but some of them have extra options obtainable by holding down modifier keys while you press the button.

New Path

See New Path. Holding down the Shift key brings up a dialog that allows you to assign a name to the new (empty) path.

Raise Path

See Raise Path.

Lower Path

See Lower Path.

Duplicate Path

See Duplicate Path.

Path to Selection

Converts the path into a selection; see Path to Selection for a full explanation. You can use modifier keys to set the way the new selection interacts with the existing selection:

Modifiers Action
None Replace existing selection
Shift Add to selection
Ctrl Subtract from selection
Shift-Ctrl Intersect with selection. Intersecter avec la sélection.
Selection to Path

Holding down the Shift key brings up the Advanced Options dialog, which probably is only useful to GIMP developers. See Selection to Path.

Stroke Path

See Stroke Path.

Delete Path

Delete Path deletes the current selected path.