9. Colors dialog

The Channel dialog lets you manage and pick up new colors. It is divided into five seperate parts: GIMP, CMYK, Triangle, Watercolor and Scales. You can use the eyedropper, which is the last button of the dialog, to pick up a color anywhere on you screen.



Activate Dialog

The dialog can be called in the following ways :

  • from the toolbox-menu: File->Dialogs->Colors

  • from the toolbox: click on the current Foreground or Background color.

  • from the image-menu: Dialogs->Colors

  • from an other dialog-menu: Add Tab->Colors

The GIMP Selector

With the GIMP Color Selector, you select a color by clicking on a one-dimensional strip located at the right edge, and then in a two-dimensional area located on the left. The one-dimensional strip can encode any of the color parameters H, S, V, R, G, or B, as determined by which of the adjoining buttons is pressed. The two-dimensional area then encodes the two complementary color parameters.


The CMYK view gives you the possibility to manage colors from the CMYK color model.


The Triangle selector is made up of a chromatic circle that allows to select Hue by click-and-drag a small circle and of a triangle that has also a small circle to vary intuitively Saturation and Value.





Color picker

The color picker has a completly different behaviour, than the color picker tool. Instead of picking the colors from the active image, you're able to pick colors from the entire screen.