2.5. Save as

This command can be found in an image menu as File->Save As. If you have saved the image previously and don't need to change the file name or any choices for options, you can use the Save command instead.

The Save Dialog

The basic File Save dialog

Activating this command brings up the "File Save" dialog. In its basic form, as shown above, this gives you an entry to use to assign a name to the file, and a dropdown list of bookmarks to use to select a directory to save it in. Normally the file format is determined by the extension you use in the file name (i.e., .jpg for a JPEG file). You can use the "Select File Type" option expander to pick a different file type, but you should avoid doing this unless absolutely necessary, because it will confuse people.

If the directory you want is not in the list of bookmarks, click on "Browse for other folders" to expand the dialog into its full form. You can find an explanation of the layout, and help on creating and using bookmarks, in the Files section.

The expanded File Save dialog

If you want to save the image into a folder that doesn't yet exist, you can create it by clicking "Create Folder" and following the instructions.