2.10. Quit

This command can be accessed from the Toolbox or an image menubar as File->Quit, or by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-Q. In most environments, it can also be executed by clicking a "Close" button somewhere on the Toolbox window. The location and appearance of this button are determined by the windowing system and window manager.

"Quit" causes GIMP to close all images and exit. If there are any images open that are not marked as "clean", you are notified of this and given an opportunity to cancel the action. (In GIMP 2.2., you are given a list of the unsaved images and asked which of them, if any, you would like to save before quitting.) Note that if you have a large number of images open, or are using a large proportion of the RAM on your system, it may take a little while for everything to shut down.