5. View

Contents of the View menu

The View menu contains commands that affect the visibility or appearance of the image and various elements of the interface.

5.1. New View

This command can be accessed from an image menubar as View->New View.

"New View" creates a new image window for the current image, which you can set up differently than the existing display. You can create multiple displays of any image: only the zoom level and other viewing options can differ, though. Any other changes made in one view are reflected in any other displays that show the same image. One common use for multiple views is if you are working on individual pixels, at a high zoom level: it may be useful for you to see at the same time the effects of your changes on the image as it would normally be viewed.

You can delete a new view by closing the window it creates. Closing the last remaining display for an image will cause the image itself to be closed, but if this would lead to any loss of data, you will be asked to confirm that you really want to do it.