5.6. Info Window

Elements of the Info Window

The Info Window shows basic information about the Image, including its name and a thumbnail:

The General Tab
  • Pixel Dimensions: Shows the image height and width in pixels.

  • Print Size: Shows the size in current unit the image will have when printed.

  • Resolution: Shows the image resolution in dot per inch (dpi), usually that of the screen.

  • Scale Ratio: Shows the zoom factor of the active image.

  • Number of Layers: No comment.

  • Size in Memory: Shows the number of KB the image takes up in memory.

  • Display Type: Shows the color mode of the active image.

  • Visual Class: Shows the class of the number of colors of your screen: 256 colors, True Color...

  • Visual Depth: Another mode to express the number of colors of your screen: with 8 bits you can code for 256 colors, with 16 bits to 256x256 and with 24 bits to 256x256x256 colors.

The Extended Tab

In this tab, color information is displayed when you move the mouse pointer on the image. It looks like the Tool Color Picker but doesn't display the color.

  • Pixels: Coordinates of the pointed pixel. The origine is in the upper left corner.

  • Units: Distance of the pointed pixel from the origin, in the current unit, that selected when the image was created.

  • Pixel values: Values in each channel, for RGB, HSL and CMYK modes are displayed, also the color hexadecimal code.


The Shift+Ctrl+I shortcut will activate the Info Window.