6.3. Transform

The Transform submenu of the Image menu

This command can be accessed from an image menubar as Image->Transform.

These menu items transform the image by flipping, rotation or cropping.


You can flip, turn over, the image horizontally or vertically like a card. This command works on the whole image. To flip a selection, use the Flip Tool. To flip a layer use the Layers/Transform functions or the Flip Tool.


You can rotate the image 90° clockwise or counter-clockwise or by 180°. Can be used to change mode to Portrait or Landscape. You can rotate more progressively by using the Rotate Tool This command works on the whole image. To rotate a selection, use the Rotate Tool. To flip a layer use the Layers/Transfom functions or the Rotate Tool.


The Guillotine tool slices up the current image based on the images guides. A cut is made along every guide not unlike a guillotine might be used in an office to slice documents. As many new images as pieces will be created. For further guide information see the glossary entry for Guides