6.8. Merge Visible Layers

This command can be accessed from an image menubar as Image->Merge Visible Layers.

"Merge Visible Layers" merges all layers of the image for which an "eye" symbol is shown in the Layers dialog into a single layer, leaving non-visible layers untouched. It is useful for merging a set of layers that may be scattered around the layer list. Selecting it brings up a dialog that asks you to choose between three options for the size of the final, merged layer: "Expanded as necessary" means that it will be made as small as possible without losing any of the contents of the merged layers; "Clipped to image" means it will be set to the size of the image and any layer contents outside the image bounds will be lost; and "Clipped to bottom layer" means what it says.

Expanded as necessary: The final layer has the size of the largest layer of all of the visible layers. (Remember that a layer in GIMP can be larger than the image)

Clipped to image Will set the final layer size equal to the image size. (Remember that layers in GIMP can be larger than the image itself. If you have such a visible layer it will be clipped to the image size).

Clipped to bottom layer: Will set the final layer size equal to the bottom layer. If the bottom layer is smaller than some of your visible layers, then the final layer will be clipped and trimmed according to both the size and position of the bottom layer.


The Ctrl+M key combination will execute the Merge Visible Layers command.