2.7. Tileable Blur


This filter is found in Image>Filters/Blur/Tileable Blur

This tool is used to soften tile seams in images used in tiled backgrounds. It does this by blending and blurring the boundary between images that will be next to each other after tiling.


Blur Radius

The bigger the radius, the more marked is the blur. By selecting Horizontal and Vertical, you can make the horizontal and vertical borders tileable. You can choose the unit of measure with the drop list.

Blur Type

IIR: for photographic or scanned images.

RLE: for computer-generated images.

Additionnal information

If you want the blur applied only to the borders, then simply applying Tileable Blur on the whole image is not enough. Directions for use are more complex:

Start with duplicating the layer and select it to work on it.

Apply Tileable Blur with about 20 pixels radius.

Select All and then Shrink selection to get a border.

Feather Selection.

Ctrl-K to delete the selection (the central part).

Merge layers Down.

Appliquez le flou mosaique avec un rayon d'environ 20 pixels.