5.2. Edge


This filter is found in Image>/Filters/Edge-Detect/Edge



Edge detector offers several detection methods:

  • Sobel: Here, this method has no options and so is less interesting than the specific Sobel.

  • Prewitt: Result doesn't look different from Sobel.

  • Gradient: Edges are thiner, less contrasted and more blurred than Sobel.

  • Roberts: No evident difference from Sobel.

  • Differential: Edges less bright.

  • Laplace: Less interesting than the specific one.

Parameter Settings

Amount: a low value results in black, high-contrasted image with thin edges. A high value results in thick edges with low contrast and many colors in dark areas.

Wrap, Smear, Black: is the Wrapmode like "Displace" plug-in. It's useful for tilable image.