10.9. Ripple


This filter is found in Image>Filters/Distorts/Rippel...

It displaces the pixels of the active layer or selection to waves or ripples reminding a reflection on disturbed water.



Antialiasing: This improves the scaled look the image borders may have.

Retain Tileability: This preserves the seamless properties if your image is a tile pattern.


That's the Hozizontal or Vertical direction of waves.

  • Because of ripples, that are a pixel displacement, some pixels may be missing on the image sides:

  • With Wrap, pixels going out one side will come back on the other side, replacing so the missing pixels.

  • With Smear, the adjacent pixels will spread out to replace the mixing pixels.

  • With Black, the mixing pixels will be replaced by black pixels.

Wave Type

These options are self-explanatory

  • Sawtooth

  • Sine

Parameter Settings
  • The Periode is related to wavelength (0-200 pixels)

  • The Amplitude is related to wave height (0-200 pixels).