10.13. Value Propagate


This filter is found in Image>Filters/Distorts/Value Propagate

It works on color borders. It spreads pixels that have a Value between selected thresholds, in selected directions.


Propagate Mode

The examples will be about the following image (zomm x8):

  • More White: Pixels will be propagated from upper Value pixels towards lower Value pixels. So bright areas will enlarge.

  • More Black: Pixels will be propagated from lower Value pixels towards upper Value pixels. So dark areas will enlarge.

  • Middle Value to Peaks: On a border between the selected thresholds, it blends the two colors.

  • Foregound to Peaks: The propagated areas will be filled with the foreground color of the toolbox.

  • Only Foreground: Only areas with the Foreground color will propagate.

  • Only Background: Only areas with the Background color will propagate.

  • More Opaque and More Tranparent: These commands work like More White and More Black. Propagated areas will be more opaque or more transparent. These commands need an image with an Alpha channel.

Parameters Settings
  • Lower Threshold and Upper Threshold: These commands allow you to set the Value range that will be concerned by Propagate.

  • Propagating Rate: That's the propagating amount. The higher it will be the more colored the propagation will be.

  • Propagating Direction: You can select one or more directions.