11.6. GIMPressionist- Size Map Editor


You can place one or several vectors. You can set their strength. They will act on the corresponding area of the image.


In this window you can place your vectors. By clicking on the Add button, you add a vector at the center of the window, whereas clicking with the Middle Mouse Button puts it where you click. Vectors are red when selected, and gray when they are not, with a white point at tip.

Clicking with the Left Mouse Button displaces the selected vector to the clicked point.

Clicking on the Right Mouse Button, has no evident action.

Clicking on << et >> buttons displaces focus from a vector to another.

The Kill button allows you to delete the selected vector.


This Preview gives you an idea of the action of the different vectors. The size of squares represent the size of the brushes and their strength.

Vector parameters
  • Size: Change the size of the brush strokes in the selected vector domain.

  • Strength: This slider acts on the influence domain of the selected vector. This influence lowers with distance.

  • Strength Exp.: Change the exponent of the stroke.

  • Voronoi: See Orientation Map Editor for explanation