12.10. QBist


This filter is found in Image>Filters/Render/Pattern/IFS Qbist...

The Qbist filter generates random textures. A starting texture is displayed in the middle square, and different variations surround it. If you like one of the alternative textures, click on it. The chosen texture now turns up in the middle, and variations on that specific theme are displayed around it. When you have found the texture you want, click on it and then click OK. The texture will now appear on the currently active layer, completely replacing its previous contents.

Table 6.2.  Three more or less random examples of qbist renderings.



If you check this, it will make edges appear smooth rather than stairstep-like.


These buttons allow you to save and reload your textures. This is quite handy because it's almost impossible to re-create a good pattern by just clicking around.