13.2. Depth Merge

Depth Merge is a Combine Filter that is useful to combine two different pictures.


Accessing this Filter

This filter is in Filters/Combine/Depth Merge

It combines the two pictures selected as "sources" by blending them. Darkest values are predominant in the resulting image. This could be done using blending modes but in this case there aren't any options.

[Tip] Tip

To work with this filter, at least two images are needed that have to be same sized.


Source 1, Source 2

Defines the source images to use for the blending.

Depth Map

Define the picture to use as transformation maps for the sources.


Creates soft transitions between images.


Defines the darkness value that will be applied to sources maps.

Scale 1, Scale 2

Same as above but more sensitive and applied to each map separatly.