Chapter 1. Basic Skills

Using Windows

This section provides information on how to use windows.

To Resize Panes

Some windows contain more than one pane. A pane is a subdivision of a window. For instance, the Help window contains a side pane with a list of sections and a pane for viewing help. A window that contains panes has a resize handle on the edge between the panes. To resize the pane, grab the resize handle, then drag the edge to the size you require.

Using Tables

Some windows contain information that is organized in a table. This section describes how to work with tables.

To change the width of a column, drag one of the vertical edges of the column.

In some tables, you can sort the information by a particular column. To sort information in a table, click on the heading on top of the column by which you want to sort the information. An up arrow is displayed in the column heading by which the table is sorted. The following figure shows the up arrow.

Up arrow in a column heading.

To reverse the sort order, click on the column heading again. The up arrow changes to a down arrow. The down arrow indicates that the information in the column is sorted in reverse order.

In some tables, you can select multiple items. The following table describes how to select items in tables.



Select an item

Click on the item.

Select a group of contiguous items

Press-and-hold Shift. Click on the first item in the group, then click on the last item in the group.

Select multiple items

Press-and-hold Ctrl. Click on the items that you want to select.