Chapter 8. Using Your Desktop

Using the Desktop Menu

Desktop menu. The context describes the graphic.

To open the Desktop menu, right-click on a vacant space on the desktop. You can use the Desktop menu to perform actions on the desktop.

Table 8.3, “Items on the Desktop Menu” describes the items in the Desktop menu.

Table 8.3. Items on the Desktop Menu

Menu Item


Open Terminal

Starts a GNOME Terminal.

Create Folder

Creates a new folder object.

Create Launcher

Creates a launcher on your desktop. For more information, see the section called “To Add a Launcher to the Desktop”.

Create Document

Creates a document. You can create templates from documents that you frequently create. For example, if you often create invoices, you can create an empty invoice document and save the document as invoice.doc in the $HOME/Templates folder.

Clean Up By Name

Arranges the objects on the desktop alphabetically by name.

Keep Aligned

Ensures that the left edges of the objects on the desktop are aligned.

Paste Files

Puts file or files into a selected folder or the desktop.

Use Default Background

Resets the desktop background to the last pattern that you chose from the Backgrounds and Emblems dialog. You can access the Backgrounds and Emblems dialog from Nautilus windows.

Change Desktop Background

Starts the Background preference tool to enable you to change the desktop background.