Chapter 11. Using Preference Tools

Customizing Windows

Use the Windows preference tool to customize window behavior for the GNOME Desktop.

Table 11.29, “Windows Preferences” lists the windows preferences that you can modify.

Table 11.29. Windows Preferences

Dialog Element


Select windows when the mouse moves over them

Select this option to give focus to a window when you point to the window. The window retains focus until you point to another window.

Raise selected windows after an interval

Select this option to raise windows a short time after the window receives focus.

Interval before raising

Specify the interval to wait before raising a window that has received focus.

Double-click titlebar to perform this action

Select the behavior that you want to occur when you double-click on a window titlebar. Select one of the following options:

  • Maximize: Maximizes the window.

  • Roll up: Roll up the window.

To move a window, press-and-hold this key then grab the window

Select the key to press-and-hold when you drag a window to move the window.